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What can we do for you?

Studio Recording

Studio-style recording for independent artists and their music. Whether you're a singer-songwriter, jazz muso, string quartet, or band, we will work to produce a track that aligns with your creative vision. This is perfect for growing artists who want to take their songs to the next level. 

Studio prices

$210 for 3 hours

$50 per hour over 3 hours

Live Music Video

Video and sound production for live music videos. Each video is tailor-made for the client depending on their sound, style, and creative vision. A unique live music video is a great way for artists to support a release or grow their fanbase

Track Editing,

Mixing & Mastering

This includes editing of tracks, mixing, and mastering for independent artists at a set price.




$25 per track

$75 per track

$25 per track

Caddington Rd


Caddington Rd Recording is a studio boutique that offers affordable services to emerging artists and corporate clients. Caddington Rd Recording is run by Benji Riggs a graduate of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, founded by Mark Featherstone-Witty (founder of The BRIT School) school and Sir Paul McCartney.

The ethos of Caddington Rd Recording is to facilitate growth for up and coming artists by provide a creative professional space for artists to discover or further develop their sound.

For bookings please call 0421 644 324. Alternatively, you can direct any enquiries here.

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