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The Boy with the Golden Fox

The musical adventure of The Boy with the Golden Fox was first performed in 2022 at the Parks Theatre, and was the first public season for The Flying Elephant Company. Kids and parents alike came out raving about the show and asking for more. These July school holidays will see Ewing and the Golden Fox take to the Don Pyatt Hall, located within the Norwood Concert Hall, to charm a new audience.

When Ewing's dad told him the story of the mythical Golden Fox, he never thought he would be saved by one when becoming lost one night in the snowy woods. On the journey back to Ewing's father, with the mysterious Wommolly hot on their tale, Ewing witnesses the magic of the woods and learns what it means to be a part of something larger than himself. With orchestral music and a heartfelt story, it will not only delight but will leave you hopeful for what might come next. 

"I loved it so much!"

Ella, 11

"10 out of 10!"

Levi, 10

"Best show ever!"

Zoe, 11

"That was awesome!"

Daniel, 13

This hour long production tells the story of an unlikely friendship between natural enemies - or at least, that's what they thought. Ewing is taken on his first hunt, where he chases after the Golden Fox through heavy snow and becomes desperately lost. At first the Golden Fox is reluctant to help Ewing, but after a humbling visit from Yedda, the spirit of the woods, the Fox agrees to take Ewing back to his father. However, they find the camp abandoned but for the fiendish Wommolly, an unstoppably and wicked creature who sets its sights set on Ewing and the Fox.

Now on the run from the Wommolly and not knowing what to do, the Fox takes Ewing to the Grand Oak to see Mother Owl and her owlets, Muffin and Gruffin. Mother Owl casts a spell to hide their scent from the Wommolly and send the pair off on a new path, which takes Ewing and the Fox over a treacherous gorge. In helping Ewing overcome his fear of crossing the gorge an unbreakable bond is formed, which is marked by the appearance of glowflies - an appearance that legend tells only occurs when two become like brothers.

Next on their journey is a run-in with an old friend of the Fox's called Mr Numm, a hoarding hedgehog with a fascination for disregarded objects. Once Mr Numm hears of the peril they are running from, he offers Ewing and the Fox tea (though not the most appetising of sorts) and a safe place to rest. That night, the Fox teaches Ewing that "when you see a hummingbird and let it go, you become part of something much bigger than yourself."

After searching high and low, Llewelyn, Ewing's father, finally tracks him down in the woods. However, this reunion proves to be ill-fated for the Fox when he becomes trapped by the hunters. As Ewing stands up for his new friend - his brother - the Wommolly attacks and they are forced to work together to defeat it. During the chaotic battle, Llewelyn and the hunters realise that this was a creature to protect, not to hunt, after the Fox sacrifices himself - or so the story goes...


20 - 21 July 2023


10:00am & 1:00pm


All ages



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