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Girl Inside


Annabella has grown up believing she will never be enough until Jupiter, a wise dragon, shows up on the mountain beside her village. Thinking so little of her, the other villagers send Annabella to either slay the dragon or be eaten by it. However, Annabella spares Jupiter’s life and the two become friends. They quickly realise they both have needs that the other can help with – Jupiter’s search for his lost son, and for Annabella, a way to get special powers by drinking the magical light of a star, which only a dragon can find.

They set off on adventure to moons and planets that Annabella had only ever dreamed of, all in the hopes that she can obtain powers that might make her more than she is. During their escapades, Annabella overcomes monsters, villains, and her own self-doubt to realise that she has always been enough just as she is.


18 - 20 July 2024


10:00am & 1:00pm


All ages



It’s showing everyone that you’ve always got one person

in your life to give you confidence.

Bailee, 6

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