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A portfolio of original works
The Flying Elephant Company - 2024 Program
The Flying Elephant Company
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The 2024 program for The Flying Elephant Company will see three musicals written by Riggs hit Adelaide theatres - a Fringe season of The Boy with the Golden Fox, and the world premieres of I Wonder... in collaboration with Silly Science With Simon and Book Nooks - A Christmas Musical. Riggs will also be playing the role of Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

The Boy with the Golden Fox - a children's musical
The Flying Elephant Company

Riggs' second children's musical, The Boy with the Golden Fox, had its premier at the Parks Theatre in July of 2022. Produced by The Flying Elephant Company, Riggs created an orchestral score to accompany the original story and songs. The Boy With the Golden Fox will have a second season in July of 2023.

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Blackbird by David Harrower
Roots Theatre

Liverpool based Roots Theatre produced Blackbird, by David Harrower, in July 2022 at the Royal Court. Riggs was brought on board as composer, creating multiple digital cues for the live stage production. The play was directed by Sasha Georgette and Nick Bagnell, and starred Bex Culshaw, Duncan Ross and Harriet Bibby.

Ode to Pa - a series of movements for string quartet
Performed by the Carducci String Quartet

In 2021, Riggs had the opportunity to compose and workshop music for the Carducci String Quartet. The series, titled Ode to Pa, is an expression of moments within the life of his late Grandpa. 

Not for commercial use.

Girl Inside - a children's musical
The Flying Elephant Company

2020 saw the writing, production and performance of Riggs' first musical, Girl Inside. The show tells the story of Annabella going on an adventure with Jupiter, a wise-old dragon searching for his lost son, as she journeys the universe in a bid to find self-acceptance. Girl Inside was toured to South Australian primary schools.

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